1. Brookfield

    Deep inlays, set like jewels within a restrained elegance, are perfect for gracefully formal kitchens. Solid drawers and raised panel doors work with transitional styling.

  2. Chamberlain

    Highly decorative beauty that suits a traditional setting, with rich repetitions of beaded mouldings framing a raised panel in a pronounced profile.

  3. Chatham

    Elegant beading surrounding a recessed panel provides a classic style that could be used to unite the cooking, serving and storage areas of more than one room.

  4. Chelsea

    Wide panel and narrow stiles and rails make a very clean presentation ready for any décor. Added opportunity for flair; use glazing to enhance the fine beading.

  5. Elgin

    A robust, wide-railed style to enhance country or Craftsman looks. Inlay moulding adds to the charm—or dispense with it for glass inserts that add to the period feel.

  6. Elite

    Friendly to any look, this raised-panel style makes it easy for you to specify a cost-effective alternative to wood.

  7. Elite Cathedral

    Friendly to any look, this raised-panel style makes it easy for you to specify a cost-effective alternative to wood.

  8. Hampton

    Glazes can be gorgeously rich on deep-set raised panels of both doors and drawers. Suitable for a room of quiet classicism, or mix with modern for a special élan.

  9. Lexington

    Articulation of the recessed panels brings quiet refinement to any room. Drawer panels make a composed setting for a wide variety of hardware.

  10. Marquis

    A classic style with a rich depth of detail enhancing the raised panels. Strong delineation adds dignity to any room.

  11. Berkeley

    Quiet warmth that works well in country or casual settings. A sturdy style with a hint of sophistication in the subtle moulding.

  12. Marquis Cathedral

    A classic style with a rich depth of detail enhancing the raised panels. Strong delineation adds dignity to any room.

  13. Napier

    Versatile and practical, a laminate door for any area requiring both low maintenance and high style. Add embellishments for a fresh treatment.

  14. Napoli

    With heft and drama in its deep pillows and mitred corners, this style is for the room requiring a bold statement.

  15. Newhaven

    Dramatically Shaker, 3 3/8” rails and stiles. Gives itself readily to any design that calls for strong lines and solid presence.

  16. Paloma

    Deliver maximim style to any space with Paloma's sophistication, which includes flat panels, beading, and mitred corners.

  17. Pamli

    The essence of contemporary cool, whether Asian, urban or eclectic. Designed to mix with other glossy thermofoils or be a focal point on its own.

  18. Paxson

    Café confection of pillowed rails and stiles, the spirit of Art Nouveau in a curve of natural forms. Raised-panel steps and beading invite the use of glazes to enhance depth.

  19. Pearson

    The Shaker-inspired Pearson, with its v-groove joints, is very adaptable; a go-to resource for a surprising variety of kitchen designs.

  20. Plymouth

    Essential Shaker lines well suited to any room with a touch of country, while Arts and Crafts or transitional designs will take well to its deeply recessed panels.

  21. Regency

    Clear emerald-cut design. Beading echoes the crisp lines of the raised panels in both door and drawer, giving rooms small or expansive a lovely touch of the traditional.

  22. Salem

    A Shaker standard whose simplicity plays to any venue. A smooth complement in everything from country kitchens to downtown lofts or glittering entertainment rooms.

  23. Sapri

    Shaker heritage, European verve, and no shrinking violet. Double decorative moulding and wide rails enhance the deep recessed panel, perfect for any room with an assertive personality.

  24. Sheffield

    Multiple lines of beading frame a large recessed panel that beautifully displays wood grains and detail. A style that can go warm or cool, soft or strong, with ease.

  25. Summit

    The ultimate for the lover of sleek refinement, here is a slab-style with a vertical grain in fine wood veneer with solid wood edging.  Subtle corner rounding adds tailoring to the contemporary richness.

  26. Terni

    Go natural. Eco-friendly veneers both artistic and realistic repeat a fine horizontal grain.  The square outside profile has gentle corner rounding.

  27. Wellington

    A very traditional look with thick mouldings and sculptural qualities that will make a proud display of a great range of finishes and glazes.

  28. Westminster

    Create immediate interest with this combination of solid wood, angled raised panel, sculpted outside edge, and inner decorative moulding.

  29. Whittington

    Whittington's deeply chiseled panels and 5 piece construction lend formality and order to any room, while also imparting warmth.

  30. Winfield

    Shaker with pizzazz—a vivacious cottage style whose reverse-raised and beaded panel insert read beautifully. The slab drawer is a calm complement.

  31. Calvi

    For lovers of chic color, this flat thermofoil mixes beautifully. It can completely contemporize a room or admit a refreshing jolt of brilliance to a transitional scene.